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MHQP Launches Initiative to Create Statewide System for Measuring Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Patient Experience

(August 2022)

MHQP has launched a major initiative to create a consistent and effective approach to measuring racial and ethnic disparities in patient experiences in Massachusetts. We are currently seeking to recruit provider organizations and health plans to participate in a statewide effort to address this critical issue.

Our aim is to

MHQP and GBSCDA Seek New Research Directions for Sickle Cell Disease Pain Self-Management

(August 2022)

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an illness that predominantly affects people of color and is characterized by debilitating pain. As with other chronic diseases, self-care is a key strategy for people with SCD to manage the disease and avoid or mitigate pain episodes. Yet, to date, there has

Tackling Inequities in Pain Assessment and Management

(August 2022)

Historically marginalized communities are systematically undertreated for pain, and this issue disproportionately impacts Black women. While this fact is well established by research (1), we know very little about the specific barriers that Black women experience when they seek pain care.

To help identify opportunities to close this research gap

MHQP’s Rabson and McIntosh Co-Author Award-Winning Study on Telehealth

(August 2022)

MHQP’s Barbra Rabson and Nathalie McIntosh are co-authors of an important article which has earned the Telehealth and Medicine Today journal 2021 Annual Editors Best Article Award, exhibiting the most views, downloads, and citations.

The independent academic healthcare publisher, Partners in Digital Health (PDH), published findings from the three-part

It’s Time to Better Understand and Address Disparities in Patient Experiences

By Barbra G. Rabson

(July 2022) 

The pandemic has shown us that we are not doing enough to equally promote health for people of all races and ethnicities. Given that there are well-known and researched disparities across all aspects of care, it may not surprise you to learn that Black, Hispanic and Asian

MHQP Confirms Significant Drop-Off in Key Preventive Care Measures During the Pandemic

(May 2022) Alarming declines in cancer screening procedures, routine tests for patients with diabetes, and childhood immunizations recorded 

Data released today by MHQP confirm what many providers and policymakers feared – that preventive care declined during the pandemic, especially for procedures that required patients to visit a clinical setting in person.

See a

Community-Wide Care Coordination Program Better Supports Kids with Behavioral Health Needs

(March 2022) MHQP Patient Experience Award Winner, MACONY Pediatrics, Leads the Effort. 

It started back in 2015, well before anyone at MACONY Pediatrics had ever heard of the MHQP Patient Experience Awards. Healthcare and social service providers in and around Great Barrington, Massachusetts, were seeing a steady rise in behavioral health issues among

Despite Expected Setbacks from the Pandemic, Massachusetts Primary Care Practices Still Improved Patient Experiences in 2021

(March 2022) MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey Shows Unsurprising Losses Paired with Impressive Gains During the Pandemic

Despite the enormous challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Massachusetts primary care practices were able to collectively improve experiences for their patients on several key metrics in 2021 as compared to 2019, based on the results

MHQP Releases Updated Clinical Guidelines with Renewed Focus on Health Equity

(February 2022)

MHQP has released its updated Clinical Guidelines for 2022. This year, the Guidelines are once again highlighting opportunities for clinicians to reduce inequities in care by improving screening for high-risk populations.

At a time when the pandemic has caused a sharp decrease in routine cancer screenings, and policies that aim to ensure equitable access to appropriate care

Backlash Must Fuel Renewed Commitment to Health Equity

By Barbra G. Rabson

(February 2022) 

Since the summer of 2020, when the murder of George Floyd and the COVID pandemic spawned a reawakening about racial injustice in this country, I have been impressed and proud of the commitment to health equity at so many levels in the Massachusetts healthcare system. Company CEOs,

MHQP Announces Winners of 2021 Patient Experience Awards

(January 2022) 

MHQP has announced the winners of the 2021 “MHQP Patient Experience Awards.” MHQP introduced this award program in 2018 as a way to recognize the primary care practices that perform highest on its annual Commercial Patient Experience Survey, the only statewide survey of patient experience in primary care in Massachusetts.


We Need Better Data to Tackle Health Disparities, Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Study Finds

~MHQP Serves as Critical Source of Information for this Important Report~

(January 2022)

To truly advance its equity goals, Massachusetts must take a leadership role in collecting and analyzing racial and ethnic health disparities, a new Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) report suggests. The report underlines how Massachusetts must improve data collection and reporting requirements across health agencies to ensure

MHQP Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Patient Comments More Actionable

(December 2021)

Patient narratives – hearing feedback directly from patients in their own words – is perhaps the most powerful tool for healthcare practices to improve patient experiences. Qualitative feedback can provide personal insights and perspectives that no quantitative data can offer.

Recognizing this fact, MHQP took action a few years ago to

Patients Really Like Telehealth. Let’s Resolve to Make It Work.

By Barbra G. Rabson

(January 2022) 

At the beginning of the pandemic, I penned a post I called “Now Is the Time to Get Telehealth Right” in which I suggested that something good might emerge from what I called our “grand telehealth experiment.” Well, my friends, the pandemic may not be over

It’s Time We Started Collecting Data on People with Disabilities

By Barbra G. Rabson

(December 2021)

As a measurement organization, MHQP has a long track record for reporting comparative performance information to drive improvements in Massachusetts healthcare. We are now focused on reporting performance on health equity and are working to generate the data to enable us to do so. MHQP and our

MHQP Adds New Board Members, New Perspectives

(December 2021)

MHQP is pleased to welcome two new members to its Board of Directors. Jim Huffman, Head of Benefits at Fidelity, and Ben Kruskal, Senior Medical Director at Wellforce Clinically Integrated Network (formerly the New England Quality Care Alliance, or NEQCA), were both confirmed by the Board at its October meeting. Mr. Huffman will be filling the “employer seat”

MHQP Receives PCORI Award to Help Improve Pain Self-Management for People with Sickle Cell Disease

(November 2021)

MHQP is pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association (GBSCDA), we have received an award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) Eugene Washington Engagement Awards program to identify new directions for research into patient-centered approaches to help people with sickle cell

MHQP Pays Tribute to Harris Berman, MD, Former MHQP Board Chair

(November 2021)

We at MHQP are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Harris Berman, MD. Harris was an important leader in the early years of MHQP, serving as MHQP’s Board Chair when he was Dean of Public Health at the Tufts University School of Medicine.

“Harris was extremely committed to MHQP’s

Are Severe Staffing Shortages the “Long COVID” for the Healthcare System?

By Barbra G. Rabson

(October 2021) 

COVID-19 has disrupted our healthcare system in unimaginable and incalculable ways. While we hope that we may soon emerge from the intense burden created by the crisis, the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic are just beginning to come into focus. One of these long-lasting impacts – an

MHQP Pays Tribute to Bill Rogers, Statistician Extraordinaire

(October 2021)

We are deeply saddened to report that MHQP lost an important partner and friend last week. William Rogers, PhD, known to us as Bill, passed away unexpectedly on September 26 from a heart attack. Our sincere condolences go out to Bill’s family and everyone else whose life he touched.

You can

How Patients and Clinicians Really Feel About Telehealth One Year Later

Telehealth has tremendous potential to improve patient care, but we still have much to learn. The pandemic forced us into a massive experiment. So, what have we learned about telehealth over the past crazy, challenging, disorienting, disruptive year?

MHQP has dedicated itself to this help answer this question. First, we launched “

MHQP Thanks 25th Anniversary Sponsors, Looks Ahead to 30th

After much consideration and with extreme gratitude to our generous sponsors listed below, MHQP has decided to cancel our 25th anniversary celebration originally scheduled for April 2020 due to the pandemic. We were hoping we could gather with our sponsors, colleagues and friends to mark this important milestone on our journey, but

The Value of Primary Care: How Come They See It and We Don’t?

By Barbra G. Rabson

(July 2021) 

In May, the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) issued an important new report called Implementing High-Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care. It received very little attention.

This was extremely worrisome for us at MHQP because, as an organization that has been measuring

MHQP Offers Important Webinar: Primary Care at a Critical Crossroads

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many primary care practices found themselves struggling to survive amid substantial uncertainty. Yet, last month, when the National Academy of Medicine issued its new report, Implementing High-Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care, it received very little attention.

On June 29, 2021, MHQP hosted

Nationwide Telehealth Impact Survey Supported by MHQP Finds High Level of Patient Satisfaction for Telehealth

(April 2021)

Nationwide Survey Finds ‘High Levels of Satisfaction and Expectations for Future Use’

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition – comprising more than 1,000 healthcare organizations, technology firms, and nonprofits, including MHQP – has published the Telehealth Impact Patient Survey.

Overall patients reported positive experiences with telehealth visits with 79% of respondents being satisfied with their telehealth visit and 73% expecting to

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