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How to Get Your Practice Involved in MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey

Your Patients Have a Story to Tell

As a provider organization with primary care practices dedicated to quality improvement, you want to hear their feedback in the form of meaningful and actionable data that can drive measurable improvements in the care you provide.

For more than a decade, MHQP has helped healthcare provider groups in Massachusetts hear from patients through one of our most powerful tools, the Statewide Patient Experience Survey (PES). This time-tested and valued instrument captures feedback from a large sample of adult and pediatric patients across the state. Your practice can use the statistically reliable and valid results to:

  • Inform and drive your quality improvement efforts
  • Compare and contrast your performance in a wide variety of areas
  • Comply with and succeed in multi-payer health plan incentives programs
  • Document your compliance with NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home standards

Your patients’ experience is critical to the success of your practice. We encourage you to make the most of this important opportunity to learn about their perspective of the care you provide.

Understanding Patient Experience Is Critical to Success

Across the country, healthcare providers have been working to make care more patient-centered by empowering patients and families to partner with providers in healthcare decision-making. Developing a deep understanding of your patients’ experience is a critically important driver of improvement success in this environment. Research shows that better patient experience leads to enhanced clinical quality processes, increased patient adherence to treatment protocols, and improved health outcomes. In addition, recognizing the benefits of a patient-centered approach to care, payers are increasingly implementing financial incentives for providers to incorporate patient engagement and shared decision-making into care models.

The Power of a Statewide Survey

MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey (PES) methodology incorporates the highest scientific standards to produce actionable results. Our rigorous and statistically valid methodology helps your practice achieve health plan pay-for-performance incentives. As the only Statewide PES in Massachusetts, the MHQP survey offers unique benefits:

  • Statewide and regional benchmarks and comparisons with peer practices across Massachusetts
  • Ability to trend at the state and practice level over time
  • Robust multi-payer data with reliable performance measurement for large and small practices
  • Alignment with health plan quality incentive program measures
  • A variety of survey options at competitive prices, with discounts available based on the type and volume of survey product(s) selected
  • Options to survey patients at practice and/or individual provider level
  • Clear, easy-to-understand results, along with consultation to help interpret results

The Benefits of Surveying at the Individual Provider Level

The MHQP survey offers the option of surveying patients at the individual provider level. While this approach requires a greater investment, it may be worth considering for your practice. Provider level drill-down will enable you to identify and reward top performers, uncover and address variation, provide individualized data-driven feedback for quality improvement efforts, and recognize and share best practices. It also offers the opportunity to participate in the growing trend toward physician level transparency.

Hear In-Depth Comments

Patient comments provide additional, more textured information to help your practice understand what you can do to improve patient care and experience. MHQP’s PES survey now routinely captures patient comments in a systematic way and we display and categorize these comments to be actionable for health care providers. For survey respondents who answer online, the 2021 PES will include the beta version of the CAHPS® Narrative Elicitation Protocol, which is a set of open-ended questions that prompt survey respondents to tell a clear and comprehensive story about their experience with a health care provider.

Email Option

MHQP now offers you the opportunity to submit patient email addresses to enable electronic modes of surveying. This option creates the opportunity to collect patient comments, and also has the advantage of lower costs and higher response rates.  Providers can share patient email addresses with MHQP to help increase response rates.  Plus, the comments provided by patients who respond online can be shared with the provider.

MHQP Patient Experience Awards

In 2018 MHQP introduced an award program as a way to recognize the primary care practices that perform highest on the annual Patient Experience Survey. Awards are given to the adult and pediatric practices that perform the highest in each of nine performance categories, as well as for the most improved.

Survey Specifications

Survey Instrument:

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH), version 3.0, with a 12-month look-back period and additional survey questions used by Massachusetts health plan quality programs.

MHQP’s 2021 patient experience survey instruments are based on the CAHPS® Clinician & Group Visit Survey 4.0 (beta version) to assess patient experience with both office-based and virtual health care. The instruments also include additional items and composites developed by MHQP as well as validated measurement scales developed by other researchers and organizations.

Target Population:

  • Adult patients in primary care practice sites.
  • Parents of children served by pediatric practices.

Survey Methods:

  • Traditional two-wave mail administration with option of online survey.
  • Email mode utilizes practice and health plan email data to send an electronic survey invitation; includes mixed mode of email with mail follow-up.

Important Dates

  • October 2020 – March 2021:  Providers select products and agree to purchase and contract
  • March 2021:  Deadline for finalizing participation
  • June – August 2021:  Survey fielding
  • October – December 31, 2021:  Provider organizations validate practice information to ensure accuracy in the public reports
  • Fall 2021:  Results reported to participating providers
  • Winter 2022:  Results released publicly on

For More Information

Please contact Amy Stern, PhD, at or 617-600-4621 for more information about MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey.

“The data we receive from MHQP is an important component of our Service Excellence program. We share the data with practices so they can deliver the highest level of patient experience. The reports help us collaborate with practices to set goals as well as spread  “best practice” workflows.  MHQP staff is available if we have questions or want to discuss their methodologies or survey questions.”

Diane Shapiro, MHA, Chief Operating Officer, Mount Auburn Cambridge IPA

“Our network follows many outcome measures closely to ensure we are providing the highest quality pediatric care possible across the Commonwealth. Performance on the PES is one of the eight core measures our quality and executive teams use to evaluate practices because of its significance as a patient reported outcome measure that can guide our offices to improve their patient-centered care.  MHQP executes the survey with a high scientific standard that allows us to evaluate subtle changes over time with great confidence.”

Jon Hatoun MD, MPH, MS, Associate Medical Director for Research, Safety, and Quality for PPOC (Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s) and Physician at Boston Children’s Hospital Primary Care at Longwood

“MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey Program provides essential and reliable data to improve our patient care.  The reports are crisp, clear, and provide a wealth of actionable information.  We have been able to apply the insights we have gotten from these reports to our quality improvement efforts.  The MHQP staff are professional and bring extensive experience to their customer service.”

Tracey Wilkie, Director, Population Health Reporting and Analytics, UMass Memorial HealthCare