MHQP is bringing Massachusetts healthcare stakeholders together to create a statewide system for consistently measuring, understanding, and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in patient experiences. We are calling this initiative Measured EquityLearn More.

Improving Patient Experiences Through Collaboration and Measurement

Since 1995, MHQP has been leveraging its unique position as an independent coalition of key stakeholder groups (providers, payers and patients) in Massachusetts healthcare to help provider organizations, health plans and policy makers improve the quality of patient care experiences throughout the state. We do this by gathering useful information from patients and providers, making sense of complex data, and extracting and sharing valuable insights with stakeholders.

MHQP’s work is driven by and organized around the principle that the challenges facing healthcare can only be solved through collaboration and innovation across key stakeholder groups ― including patients, who we believe are the most underutilized resources in the healthcare system. MHQP is the neutral body that brings these organizations and individuals together to find shared interests and to solve problems that none can solve alone.

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Learn more about MHQP from some of our key stakeholders:

Denice Garrett
Barbra Spivak
“That data prompted us to save her life.”
Don Berwick
Don Berwick
“They’ve change the way people think in this country.”
Denice Garrett
Denice Garrett
“You can’t take me off of this council, sorry.”
Jean Yang
Jean Yang
“It’s really a gem for the industry.”

News and Views

MHQP Introduces Measured Equity, a Statewide Initiative to Measure Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Patient Experiences

(September 2023) We can no longer ignore the systemic racial and ethnic disparities in patient experiences that plague our healthcare system. Organizations across the state are taking action to address these disparities, but these complex issues can only be effectively addressed

Key Areas of Impact

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