Hear What Some of Our Key Stakeholders Say About MHQP:

“That data prompted us to save her life.”

“They’ve changed the way people think in this country.”

“You can’t take me off of this council, sorry.”

Barbara Spivak

Barbara Spivak, MD

President and CEO, Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association
Vice Chair, MHQP Board of Directors
MHQP Physician Council

Don Berwick

Donald Berwick, MD, MPP

President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Denice Garrett

Denice Garrett

Coordinator for Clinical Billing and Data Operations, ABCD, Inc.
MHQP Board of Directors
MHQP Consumer Health Council

“I don’t know of any other forum where this happens in this way.”

“It’s really a gem for the industry.”

“I’m continually impressed with their work and what they achieve.”

Rosalind Joffe

Rosalind Joffe

Chronic Illness Career Coach
Former Member, MHQP Board of Directors
Former Chair, MHQP Consumer Health Council

Jean Yang

Jean Yang, MBA

President of Public Plans, Tufts Health Plan
MHQP Board of Directors
MHQP Health Plan Council

James Roosevelt, Jr.

Jim Roosevelt, Jr.

Council, Verrill Dana LLP
Chair, MHQP Board of Directors

“It is frankly a resource that we all very much need.”

“Some patients don’t have a voice…MHQP has a huge role.”

“MHQP really serves a very unique role, bringing together consumers, payers and providers.”

Lois Cornell

Lois Cornell

Executive Vice President, Massachusetts Medical Society
MHQP Board of Directors

Julita Mir

Julita Mir, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Community Care Cooperative (CCC)
MHQP Board of Directors
Chair, MHQP Physician Council

Rick Siegrist

Richard Siegrist, MS, MBA

Senior Lecturer on Health Care Management, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
MHQP Board of Directors

“It brings the patient voice so closely to the providers and the payers.”

“MHQP has been a great outlet for me and a way for me to contribute.”

“MHQP is here just to drive improvement.”

Patricia Toro

Patricia Toro, MD, MPH

Associate Medical Director, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
MHQP Board of Directors
Chair, MHQP Health Plan Council

Nancy Michaels

Nancy Michaels

Healthcare and Inspirational Keynote Speaker
MHQP Consumer Health Council

Barbra Rabson

Barbra Rabson

President and CEO, MHQP