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Boston Globe Articles Address Future of Telehealth; Prominently Feature MHQP

(March 2023)

Boston Globe reporter Felice Freyer has published two important articles focused on the future of telehealth in Massachusetts, which prominently feature MHQP and its stakeholders.

The first article (“State’s largest insurer extends full telehealth coverage indefinitely” from February 19) spotlights Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ decision to continue paying

Winners of MHQP’s 2022 Patient Experience Awards Provide Best-In-Class Experiences Despite Growing Challenges for Primary Care

(February 2023) 

Primary care practices are facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the pandemic due to staffing shortages, inadequate reimbursement policies, changing patterns of well visits, practice consolidation, increased competition from new sources, and many other factors. Despite these challenges, the winners of the 2022 MHQP “Patient Experience Awards” found a

Black, Hispanic and Asian Patients Report Worse Patient Experiences than White Patients in Massachusetts

MHQP Convening Stakeholders to Explore Drivers of These Disparities and How to Reduce Them

(February 2023)

Black, Asian and Hispanic patients report worse experiences than White, non-Hispanic patients in Massachusetts. This is the key finding of an analysis of data collected in MHQP’s annual statewide Patient Experience Survey of commercially-insured patients,

Massachusetts Can Finally Measure the Health of Primary Care

(An editorial published online by The Boston Globe on January 25, 2023, by Barbra G. Rabson and Katherine Gergen Barnett)

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), a nationally renowned institution of science, recently asserted that “primary care is a common

CHIA and MHQP Release First-Ever Dashboard to Monitor the Health of Primary Care

(January 2023)

A high-functioning primary care system has been shown to lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more equitable care, and is key to keeping patients well and out of hospitals and emergency departments.

That’s why the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine recently asserted that “primary care is

MHQP Welcomes Partners on Statewide Initiative to Measure Disparities in Patient Experience

(November 2022)

MHQP is excited to launch an initiative to measure racial and ethnic disparities in patient experiences across Massachusetts by utilizing the same instrument and methodology we have used to measure patient experience in the state since 2006.

Our aim is to broker consistency in health equity measurement throughout the state

Study Finds Disparities in Telehealth Usage Since the Onset of the Pandemic

(November 2022)

The Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, has released the results of a research study on telehealth use in the Commonwealth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. MHQP supported the effort by collecting and analyzing qualitative interview data

MHQP Celebrates Barbara Spivak and Julita Mir

(November 2022)

MHQP is pleased to celebrate the invaluable contributions of two members of our Board of Directors, Barbara Spivak, MD, and Julita Mir, MD, both of whom have an enormous impact on MHQP’s strategy and direction.

Barbara Spivak, MD

A primary care provider and President and CEO of the Mount Auburn Cambridge

The Need to Measure Patient Experience of Oral Health Care: A Call to Action

(November 2022)

MHQP’s Amy Stern, Andrew D’Amour, Jim Courtemanche, and Barbra Rabson have co-authored an important article in collaboration with Nadeem Karimbux, Dean of the Tufts School of Dental Medicine, and Dr. Mike John, Associate Professor at the Minnesota School of Dentistry. The article, which was recently published in

Employee Spotlight: Raji Rajan

(November 2022)

Raji Rajan, MBA, MS, and her husband, Raj, both decided to shift their careers to work in healthcare after the medical procedure that saved Raj’s life. This was back in 2008. Raji was spending her days working as a Senior Software Engineer at Fidelity and her evenings helping Raj

Telehealth Satisfaction: Up for Clinicians, Down for Patients

(October 2022)

Two-and-a-half years since the beginning of the pandemic, what have we learned about telehealth and how can we make it better for everyone? MHQP has endeavored to answer this question throughout the pandemic in multiple ways.

First, we launched “Together for Better Telehealth” in the summer of 2020, a

Stepping Out of Silos to Tackle Disparities

(September 2022)

Nearly 30 years ago, a Boston Globe Spotlight article highlighted “the worst hospitals” in Massachusetts based on high mortality rates. In the wake of that article, well before the measurement of healthcare quality was widely practiced and accepted, a forward-thinking group of healthcare, business and community leaders

Evaluating Patient Experiences of Primary Care by Visit Mode and Visit Reason During the Pandemic

(September 2022)

MHQP’s Jim Courtemanche, Nathalie McIntosh, Raji Rajan and Barbra Rabson co-authored, along with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Mark Friedberg, an important study investigating adult patient experiences of, and satisfaction with, in-person, video, and telephone visits in primary care during the COVID-19

MHQP to Produce State’s First-Ever Primary Care Dashboard for CHIA

(September 2022)

MHQP is pleased to announce that we have been selected by the state’s Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) to produce Massachusetts’ first-ever dashboard of metrics to monitor the health of primary care in the state.

Leaders in both the healthcare and policymaking arenas have become increasingly concerned about

Employee Spotlight: Natalya Martins

(August 2022)

Natalya Martins, MPH, has a placard with a quote from Indigenous Australian and activist Lilla Wilson hanging in her office:

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work

MHQP Launches Initiative to Create Statewide System for Measuring Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Patient Experience

(August 2022)

MHQP has launched a major initiative to create a consistent and effective approach to measuring racial and ethnic disparities in patient experiences in Massachusetts. We are currently seeking to recruit provider organizations and health plans to participate in a statewide effort to address this critical issue.

Our aim is to

MHQP and GBSCDA Seek New Research Directions for Sickle Cell Disease Pain Self-Management

(August 2022)

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an illness that predominantly affects people of color and is characterized by debilitating pain. As with other chronic diseases, self-care is a key strategy for people with SCD to manage the disease and avoid or mitigate pain episodes. Yet, to date, there has

Tackling Inequities in Pain Assessment and Management

(August 2022)

Historically marginalized communities are systematically undertreated for pain, and this issue disproportionately impacts Black women. While this fact is well established by research (1), we know very little about the specific barriers that Black women experience when they seek pain care.

To help identify opportunities to close this research gap

MHQP’s Rabson and McIntosh Co-Author Award-Winning Study on Telehealth

(August 2022)

MHQP’s Barbra Rabson and Nathalie McIntosh are co-authors of an important article which has earned the Telehealth and Medicine Today journal 2021 Annual Editors Best Article Award, exhibiting the most views, downloads, and citations.

The independent academic healthcare publisher, Partners in Digital Health (PDH), published findings from the three-part

It’s Time to Better Understand and Address Disparities in Patient Experiences

By Barbra G. Rabson

(July 2022) 

The pandemic has shown us that we are not doing enough to equally promote health for people of all races and ethnicities. Given that there are well-known and researched disparities across all aspects of care, it may not surprise you to learn that Black, Hispanic and Asian

MHQP Confirms Significant Drop-Off in Key Preventive Care Measures During the Pandemic

(May 2022) Alarming declines in cancer screening procedures, routine tests for patients with diabetes, and childhood immunizations recorded 

Data released today by MHQP confirm what many providers and policymakers feared – that preventive care declined during the pandemic, especially for procedures that required patients to visit a clinical setting in person.

See a

Community-Wide Care Coordination Program Better Supports Kids with Behavioral Health Needs

(March 2022) MHQP Patient Experience Award Winner, MACONY Pediatrics, Leads the Effort. 

It started back in 2015, well before anyone at MACONY Pediatrics had ever heard of the MHQP Patient Experience Awards. Healthcare and social service providers in and around Great Barrington, Massachusetts, were seeing a steady rise in behavioral health issues among

Despite Expected Setbacks from the Pandemic, Massachusetts Primary Care Practices Still Improved Patient Experiences in 2021

(March 2022) MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey Shows Unsurprising Losses Paired with Impressive Gains During the Pandemic

Despite the enormous challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Massachusetts primary care practices were able to collectively improve experiences for their patients on several key metrics in 2021 as compared to 2019, based on the results

MHQP Releases Updated Clinical Guidelines with Renewed Focus on Health Equity

(February 2022)

MHQP has released its updated Clinical Guidelines for 2022. This year, the Guidelines are once again highlighting opportunities for clinicians to reduce inequities in care by improving screening for high-risk populations.

At a time when the pandemic has caused a sharp decrease in routine cancer screenings, and policies that aim to ensure equitable access to appropriate care

Backlash Must Fuel Renewed Commitment to Health Equity

By Barbra G. Rabson

(February 2022) 

Since the summer of 2020, when the murder of George Floyd and the COVID pandemic spawned a reawakening about racial injustice in this country, I have been impressed and proud of the commitment to health equity at so many levels in the Massachusetts healthcare system. Company CEOs,

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