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Measuring and reporting on patient experience has been MHQP’s core work for most of our history. Healthcare quality is not only about how expertly doctors treat injuries and manage illnesses. It also is about the personal experiences of patients, beginning with the first phone call to make an appointment and everything that follows. Patient experience is everything that happens to a patient. It is the entire encounter from start to finish.

MHQP’s signature program is the only statewide patient experience survey of primary care patients in Massachusetts. The survey asks patients about their experiences with their own doctor or their child’s doctor, as well as other staff in those doctors’ offices. MHQP has sent this survey to 300,000 commercially-insured people every year since 2005. Each time, we hear from nearly 65,000 Massachusetts residents across nine performance categories.

In 2019, we also added to our portfolio a patient experience survey of Medicaid recipients in partnership with MassHealth. And in 2020, we partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to field a first-in-the-nation survey of patients’ experiences with telehealth.

Here is a list of the posts on this site related to MHQP’s activities on patient experience:

Statewide Patient Experience Survey (PES)
(2006 - Present)

For more than a decade, MHQP has helped healthcare provider groups in Massachusetts hear from patients through one of our most powerful tools, the Statewide Patient Experience Survey (PES). This time-tested and valued instrument captures feedback from a large sample of adult and pediatric patients across the state. MHQP has been a leader in measuring patients’ experiences

MassHealth Patient Experience Pilot Survey

MHQP conducted a large-scale pilot survey of Medicaid patient care experiences in the ambulatory practice setting.  The pilot surveyed over 45,000 MassHealth members who had at least one outpatient visit with a primary care provider in the preceding twelve months.  The goals of the project were to:

  • assess the methodological and operational feasibility of including the Medicaid

Statewide Hospital Patient Experience Survey
(1996 - 1998)

This was the project that spawned the creation of MHQP.  Then known as the Massachusetts Health Quality Partnership, MHQP was formed in 1995 by a coalition of health, business and government leaders in Massachusetts to develop healthcare performance measurement initiatives to meet public accountability needs. With a wide call for increased transparency on healthcare performance in Massachusetts,

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