Strengthening Primary Care

Strengthening Primary Care 2021-04-01T15:53:43-04:00

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Primary care is at a crossroads. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many primary care practices found themselves struggling to survive amid substantial uncertainty. While the pandemic created many challenges for the healthcare system, it also established a unique opportunity and an even greater urgency for payment and care delivery redesign changes that lead to a sustainable and equitable primary care system. Achieving real, sustainable change for primary care in the post-pandemic world will require innovative thinking and clear-headed vision.

MHQP has always had an interest in a thriving primary care system that serves as an effective and efficient front door to the healthcare system, and we have rededicated ourselves to this effort during this challenging year. When MHQP’s Board of Directors met in June 2020 to discuss the organization’s strategic direction, the Board overwhelmingly endorsed making the strengthening of primary care one of MHQP’s strategic imperatives.

MHQP is uniquely positioned to help advance the future of primary care.  As a neutral coalition of stakeholder groups, MHQP can bring providers, health plans and patients together to solve challenging problems such as this that none can solve alone. While we understand this issue is deeply-rooted in longstanding traditions, patterns and policies, we are determined to do what we can to preserve the future of primary care.

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Survey to Assess Patient Engagement Structures in Primary Care Practices in Massachusetts (in partnership with CRICO)

MHQP completed the first-ever statewide survey of patient engagement practices in primary care. The purpose of the project was to create an inventory of activities that are believed to be helpful in enhancing patient engagement and to highlight successful patient engagement strategies for others to adopt.

The outcome of this project imbued MHQP with unique knowledge about structural

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