Podcast: How A Pandemic Is Changing Healthcare

(June 9, 2020)

Our current global pandemic has necessitated a rapid adoption of different ways to deliver healthcare and the challenge of building resilience and sustainability in these new models. One of the areas that has been fast-tracked is telehealth or virtual visits with healthcare providers. In-person office visits ceased, elective procedures were canceled, hospitals and outpatient practices saw staff furloughed and redeployed to other areas. Primary care practices were rapidly thrust into a steep learning curve of implementing new methods of patient-provider interaction. After the pandemic dissipates, how will healthcare be delivered, are there best practices that are emerging, can telehealth be delivered equitably to vulnerable populations?

In this episode of Raising Resilience, a podcast series from MHQP Consumer Health Council member Pam Ressler, Pam is joined by MHQP President and CEO Barbra Rabson. Barbra shares her observations of this tipping point of telehealth, based on the groundbreaking work MHQP has been doing on this subject, as well as opportunities and challenges it presents to patient and provider interaction and experience going forward.