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What Is Patient Experience?

Healthcare quality is not only about how expertly doctors treat injuries and manage illnesses. It also is about the personal experiences of patients, beginning with the first phone call to make an appointment and everything that follows. Patient experience is everything that happens to a patient. It is the entire encounter from start to finish.

MHQP’s Statewide Survey

MHQP conducts the only statewide patient experience survey of primary care patients in Massachusetts. The survey asks patients about their experiences with their own doctor or their child’s doctor, as well as other staff in those doctors’ offices. MHQP has sent this survey to 300,000 commercially-insured people every year since 2005. Each time, we hear from nearly 65,000 Massachusetts residents across nine performance categories:

  • Patient-Provider Communications
  • Coordinating Patient Care
  • How Well Providers Know Their Patients
  • Ease of Access to Care
  • Empowering Patient Self Care
  • Office Staff Professional Excellence
  • Pediatric Preventative Care
  • Assessment of Child Development
  • Assessment of Patient Behavioral Health Issues

Click here to learn more about the MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey and how your practice can get involved.

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