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MHQP’s Statewide Patient Experience Survey

What is the Patient Experience Survey Report?

The MHQP Patient Experience Survey is a statewide survey of patients in Massachusetts which asks patients about experiences with their doctor or their child’s doctor, and other staff in the doctor’s office. MHQP has been surveying patients since 2005, and is the only independent organization in Massachusetts to collect and publicly report statewide patient experience information.

MHQP’s Massachusetts Statewide Patient Experience Survey asks patients about their experiences with their own doctor or their child’s doctor as well as other staff in those doctors’ offices. MHQP has sent this survey to 300,000 people for every survey since 2005. Each time, we hear from nearly 65,000 Massachusetts residents about how well their doctor knows them and communicates with them, how well their care is coordinated, and their willingness to recommend their doctor to family and friends.

What is patient experience?

Patient experience refers to everything that happens to a patient. This can begin with a phone call to the doctors’ office. It includes the whole time a patient is at the doctors’ office and any follow-up contact that happens after. Healthcare quality is not only about how expertly your doctors treat injuries and help you manage your illnesses. It also is about personal experiences as patients, beginning with the first phone call to their office to make an appointment and everything that follows.