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Greater Boston Aligning Forces for Quality

MHQP led the Greater Boston coalition for Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q), The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s multipronged effort to lift the overall quality of health care in communities across the nation.  Boston was one of 16 communities selected to participate.  This endeavor focused on three areas:

  1. Engaging Consumers in Health Care

Launched in 2011, MHQP’s Consumer Health

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Massachusetts Child Health Quality Coalition

MHQP helped create and convened a coalition of nearly 50 Massachusetts-based organizations, which served as a neutral convener of child health stakeholders in the state, advocated for improved child health care quality and measurement, and facilitated a shared understanding of pediatric healthcare quality priorities across Massachusetts.

The CHQC focused on promoting effective communication and care coordination for children

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Practice Pattern Variation Analysis (PPVA)

MHQP brought together providers and payers from across Massachusetts to collectively identify, evaluate and take action on variations in practice patterns related to how specialty providers treat patients for similar conditions. Practice pattern variation analysis (PPVA) is an approach to understand unexplained and sometimes unwarranted provider variation in care that may negatively impact quality and cost.

MHQP worked

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Partners in Integrated Care (PIC)

MHQP led the Massachusetts implementation of a national initiative focused on incorporating evidence-based screening tools and early intervention services for depression and unhealthy alcohol and substance use into routine primary care for adults in the primary care office setting.

The goal of the Partners in Integrated Care (PIC) model of care was to increase the identification and treatment

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