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Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) is widely credited with transforming healthcare measurement in Massachusetts and helping to set Massachusetts on a course to play its critical leadership role in our nation’s healthcare arena over the past two decades.

  • In 1995, long before anyone was talking about “transparency” in healthcare, a group of healthcare, business and community leaders recognized the need to develop and report comparable, evidence-based performance data that would help drive quality improvement and lead to better patient outcomes. Understanding this would require a neutral party to build collaboration and find common ground between the many forces and stakeholders that threatened to pull the state’s healthcare system in vastly different directions, they created an informal alliance to promote a common measure set to assess the quality of healthcare services in Massachusetts – and MHQP was born.
  • MHQP is best known for leading multi-stakeholder efforts to measure and publicly report patient experience data in Massachusetts, including the first-in-the-nation statewide survey of patient experience in hospitals and Massachusetts’ only statewide survey of patient experiences in primary care. The organization also shares tools, guidelines and best practices to help drive the improvement of patient experiences throughout the state.
  • What makes MHQP unique and successful is that its work is driven by, and organized around, the principle that the challenges facing healthcare can only be solved through collaboration and innovation across key stakeholder groups – including patients, whom MHQP believes are the most underutilized resources in the healthcare system. As the neutral body that brings these organizations and individuals together to find shared interests, learn from each other and solve problems that none can solve alone, MHQP generates significant good will by being laser-focused on its mission with no ulterior agenda.

Now entering its 25th year, MHQP continues its pioneering work to finding new, more effective and efficient ways to capture patient experience data and elevate the “patient voice” as we work to make our state’s and nation’s care systems more patient-centered.

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I know that MHQP has saved patient lives because when my practice received their quality data we understood we needed to improve our mammography screening rates. This led us to track down our patients who had been in the office and not received mammograms, including one woman who had early stage breast cancer. Because I contacted her to come in for a screening, we were able to successfully treat her cancer. I am very proud to have been a long term member of MHQP, and have seen it have a positive impact on the health care delivery system in many ways.

Barbara Spivak, MD, President, Mount Auburn Cambridge IPA (MACIPA)

MHQP is constantly evolving and adopting to the changes in the healthcare system, yet they’ve always remained committed to involving all of their stakeholders — from consumers to networks to insurance companies. Most importantly, from our perspective, they value physician input, which ensures that their surveys most accurately represent the care being delivered to patients. Over the years, they have provided our organization with many significant opportunities to collaborate and provide input into their work.

Joe Frolkis, MD, PhD, President and CEO, New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA)