Welcome to Massachusetts Health Quality Partners’ (MHQP)
Patient Experience with Primary Care Services and Health Benefits survey!

Last year, MHQP held an Affordability Roundtable to explore the role of patient engagement in reducing healthcare costs and found that there are many barriers to patients getting the care they need. These included patient trust of their providers, patient health insurance literacy, and patient capacity to devote resources to understanding/navigating the health care system. We are conducting this survey to find out how common these barriers are in healthcare. Survey results will add to our understanding of patients’ experiences of primary care services and healthcare benefits, and will inform ways to improve patient healthcare experiences.

What you should know about this survey:

  • Taking part in this research is voluntary.
  • This survey asks about your relationship with your primary care provider, your experiences getting healthcare services and using health insurance, and how engaged you are as a healthcare consumer.
  • The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Be assured that your answers will be kept confidential.

We encourage you to complete the survey by clicking HERE.

If you have questions about the survey, please email Nathalie McIntosh at nmcintosh@mhqp.org.