Innovative Patient Experience Survey Pilot Study

In our efforts to systematically capture the patient voice, MHQP is leading the nation to drive innovations in how we collect patient experience surveys.  We are pleased to share results of a pilot study with you.  Links are below.

Through support from the Center for Healthcare Transparency (CHT), MHQP and California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI) conducted this important study evaluating new methods of surveying.  New England Quality Care Alliance, Reliant Medical Group, Steward Health Care System and UMass Memorial Health Care participated in this nationally funded project. 

The study -- relating to the use of shorter survey instruments, electronic surveying and other enhancements -- produced promising results for more timely, cost effective and impactful patient experience surveys. Barbra Rabson, MHQP President and CEO, and leadership from CHT and CHPI presented the study results before CMS leaders.

2015 MHQP Pilot Study Reports - Patient Experience

Reports covering the short form patient experience survey pilot study jointly conducted in Massachusetts and California by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners and California Healthcare Performance Information System.

  • Short Form Patient Experience Survey; Research Findings - Executive Summary only (click here)
  • Short Form Patient Experience Survey: Research Findings (click here)

Other reports as part of the pilot study:

  • The Current State of Patient Experience Surveying and Future Innovations (click here)
  • Patient Experience Measurement: Building a Statewide Short Form Program (click here)
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