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Strategies All Primary Care Practices Should Consider to Enhance Patient Engagement

Patient engagement has emerged as an essential element of effective care. Health care leaders around the country have begun to recognize that engaging patients through collaborative, personalized care is key to reducing costs and improving outcomes.

MHQP is in a unique position to learn about structural programs and innovative practices that help empower patients to be active in their own care. With support from CRICO, we recently completed a first-of-its-kind statewide study of patient engagement activities in primary care practices in Massachusetts. As an extension of that work, we are highlighting successful strategies for others to adopt.

What does it take to increase patient engagement? Many of the ideas outlined below are on the cutting edge of innovation, while others are already gaining widespread adoption as standard practice. In either case, we hope you will consider implementing these strategies in your practice if you have not done so already. Click below to learn about each of these promising strategies: 

Pre-Visit Planning
Featuring Hilltown Community Health Center

Involving Patients and Families in the Practice
Featuring Yogman Pediatrics

Motivational Interviewing 
Featuring Valley Medical Group

Team Approach/Care Coordination 
Featuring North Shore Physicians Group

Community Outreach 
Featuring Hilltown Community Health Center

Integrated Behavioral Health Services 
Featuring Yogman Pediatrics

Shared Decision-Making
Featuring Partners HealthCare

Featuring Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics

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